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We believe in the power of Renewable Energy Technologies and solutions to transform Global Economy by 2050 while positively off-setting the stage for improved solutions, climate resilience through mitigation and adaptation.


Staying true to the Paris Agreement, the need to power the livelihoods of vast human resources and major industries can not be over emphasized. This calls for collaborative approach to meeting the demands of over 800 Million People Globally, and over 2 Billion Households.


We believe proper structuring and Governance are the fastest way to meeting the Global Energy Goals. We have our programming stramlined for subtle prospecting for the development of proper and inclusive participation. Balanced and Gender sensitive approach to Development and accelerated economic growth.


Cross sectorial development is important towards maximixing efforts for reaching the global climate targets and this is our win strategy for global encgagement.



Financing is seen as the sole challenge to meeting all of these demands; Hence we work with our Global partners to amplify and de-risk market while providing subsidies to critical indicators to meet infrastructure demands.


The overaching agenda is to streamline major Industry Deep decarbonization and bring innovations from mainstream to market. Capitalization and risks management through blended finance.


Focusing on Sectors like Agriculture through our Agri-Voltaics Development, Healthcare by joining forces with industry partners to power major healthcare energy deficits, Education through strategic partnership with development partner to both accelerate knowledge of the SDG 7 as well as promote governance towards transforming the landscape in the Academia through Knowledge Management, and Transportation through clean mobility technologies, the need for the SDG 7 to accelerate the achievement of the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).


Respects for the rights of inclusion in technology transformation and innovation can nnot be over emphasized. While promoting innovations, we ensure respect for environment and consumer/ producer responsibility.


What we do?



Innovea Energy startegically positioned as both a for-profit and non-profit organization Under the Corporate cover of Innovea Hubs and Innovea Development Foundation to tackle headlong challenges associated with Global Energy Deficit and rising and devastating cases of climate change and the bening negative impacts on the Economies, Health and Social lives of Global Citizens.






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We are designing the future of Energy and this we are able to achieve through the young population. Through our training and resource facilitations, we bring youth face to face with industry experts to gain new skills and experirences from those that are established in the Energy Industry.


The need to promote just, clean, equitable transition and divestment from fossil fuels in a world where climate change and its negative impacts are ravaging and distroting normal lives of are inhabitants of the world.



Towards more sustainable cities, we believe in the power of collaboration to place demand son Global Energy Governance. Hence, our participation in the First Global Status Report on Renewable Enrgt in Cities

coordinated by the Secretariat of Renewable Energy Policy Network




Environmental Governance is one of the most potent weapon in tackling the Global Energy Challenge. We have over the years worked with The International Energy Community and Industry Leaders and experts to provide and suggest inputs to Energy policies for transformation. At this most critical point we need Solid Governance and sincere leadership to call for equitable, just and inclusive Energy Transition.


Whille addressing cross-cutting development issues related to access to Sustainable Renewable Energy by the common citizen, Governments, Cities, Industrialists, and Policy makers needs to work hand-in-hand to make this actionable.


This we havve done through our Global Partnerships and they are making waves.



We were part of the 11 th Session of The International Renewable Energy Agency Assembly (IRENA 11A) where we joined other global policy makers and observers in deciding the future of energy globally. Raising more ambitious demand for future-proof, environmentally friendly, and healthy and economic energy for the future.




Policy advocacy and identification of Global best Practices in Energy Development. One of such is Gender Policy Governance. We ensure that the need to remove the stereotypes in Energy Sector has a role to play in accelerating Hence our Global Governance structure promotes Diversity and Inclusion. Whilst enabling the to bridge the gender gap in Global Energy Development.

More of our policies engagement also contributes to the need for inclusive Youth Participation, emowerments and promotion of youth initiatives targetted at addressing Climate Change and Energy Development.

With our contiouns engagement with Youth Constituency and Global Youth Energy Networks, we seek to work more to achieve The SDG 2030 via different Thematics.



Our Energy Transfer Hub for Efficiency and Renewables is a center for research, training and Innovation towards adapting Renewable Technologies and Efficiency for use and toward reaching climate neutrality.


Our stromg partnerships and collaborators are instrumental to the introduction of Innovation and Designs for transforming energy interlinkages into succesful development tool. These tools are useful in healthcare delivery, homes, cities, e-mobility, industrial and transportation sectors all of which primarily account for a total of 64.6% Global Green House emissions.



Environmental and Social Governance (ESG) is one of our approach to changing the narratives and behaviorial modeling for acceptance of ne solutions to Environment Sustainability by promoting the importance of Renewable Energy to Governments, Business Policy Makers, Financial Institutions and human populace.


Our Citizenship engagement approach has seen us commit to a lot of policy governance and institutional influence through promising Legislative and Diplomatic relations.


One of such is the joint Global Civil Society call, Finance in Common Summit, Environment Human Rights Defenders and International Policy Frameworks.



How we Work


Promote innovation in Grid Connections, Clean mobility, and Solar Hybrid Technologies. We offer Solar Photovoltaics Installation  (SPVI) Training and well as soft and on demand industry skills for fostering competitiveness and excellence among the young energy workforce of the future.





Energy Efficiency Solutions, Carbon Pricing Leadership are important to meeting climate targets.

Through our partnership with Youth Innovators and other Centers of Excellence in Energy Efficiency on the global and local fronts to develop climate simulation tools that would help governments, policy makers and technical experts to understand how to achieve some of the climate targets. while giving specific use cases to each sector, Government or region to design their own scenarios to limit future global warming. More information here







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